MLS Mock Draft 2010

MLS Mock Draft Final 2010

1   Danny Mwanga Comments: Mwanga is a lock to go to Philadelphia. Peter Nowak paid him a special visit to clinch his record breaking Generation Adidas deal. In addition, Philadelphia told Mwanga to not bother showing up to the combine. This is a certain pick.
2   Tony Tchani Comments: After a strong combine, New York seem to see Tchani as a major piece in rebuilding after their abysmal season. This being said, Red Bull have been mentioned in trade talks and may deal this pick.
3   Ike Opara Comments: Opara was very solid at the combine, and might have gone number 2 if not for the fact that he is going to finish school before joining his MLS club in May. Still, to get a potential best player in the draft at #3 is a bit of coup.
4   Teal Bunbury Comments: Teal was far and away the best striker at the combine. Mwanga may be better than Teal, but either way if Kansas City takes him, they will get a future star.
5   Corben Bone Comments: While Dallas has a glut of youth and central midfielders, he seems to be the one who doesn’t fit the mould of their other players. This being said, Dallas is looking to trade their pick, and with all of their Generation Adidas players, I can see this pick going elsewhere.
6   Zach Loyd Comments: If Dallas keeps one of their picks, Loyd seems a good bet. He’s definitely MLS ready, and can play in numerous positions. Since Dallas has a full slot of GA players, his senior status has no effect with Dallas.
7   Blair Gavin Comments: Philly will be lucky to get a player of this calibre here. While it makes sense given reputations, Gavin has the potential to be the best player in this draft. The Union need a deep midfielder to compliment Fred’s attacking nature.
*Philly acquired this pick from DCU
8   Amobi Okugo Comments: By bringing in Okugo, Columbus can move back to the formation that won them the MLS Cup. The loss of Brad Evans forced them to change their formation, and with Okugo returning, it would give Schelotto (assuming he’s back) more freedom.
9   Zack Schilawski Comments: New England need help in the attack, and Schilawski seems to be the prototypical New England player. He is capable of playing both up top and out wide, and has a high work rate which would fit in Nicol’s system.
10   Dilly Duka Comments: While Dilly Duka did not have the best combine he did still show that he was capable of being an offensive sparkplug. He may be a year or two away from starting but the upside makes it worth the wait.
11   Jack McInerney Comments: With a Montero transfer looming in the next few seasons, Seattle needs a future replacement. With McInerney the Sounders would get skill, work rate and vision. Seattle’s starting eleven is solidified, so the Sounders can afford to take a player for the future.
12   Andre Akpan Comments: Despite a poor combine, Akpan is still one of the top strikers in this draft. Columbus are in need of a striker, particularly with the loss of Moreno, and as a senior, Akpan may be able to fill that role immediately.
13   Kwame Watson Siriboe Comments: With the loss of Soumare mid-season, Chicago is in need of a starting center back. While he may not be the finished product, Siriboe has the athleticism that could make him a suitable replacement for Soumare.
14   Drew Yates Comments: The surprise of the MLS combine, Yates impressed everyone in attendance with his defense splitting passes, vision and size. While no one would have predicted him going in the first round before the combine, he did impress and New York has a need for an attacking central midfielder.
15   Michael Stephens Comments: While I do think he is better than the fifteenth best player in this draft, I see Stephens slipping this far in the first round. LA doesn’t have any specific needs and will the best player available. In addition, Beckham’s regular disappearances require a strong backup. Stephens can be this player.
16   Toni Stahl Comments: After a lacklustre combine, Stahl slips a bit but finds a good home at Salt Lake City. Salt Lake could definitely use another defensive midfielder, and Stahl fills this need. As a MLS ready senior, Stahl could be a major piece in making the MLS Champions better than they were last season.
17   Ofori Sarkodie Comments: While the Union stocked up on defenders at the expansion draft, they do lack fullbacks. Sarkodie would be able to start immediately and has the composure to manage playing in an expansion team defense.
18   Zach Herold Comments: As a team in the rebuilding process, Red Bull would do well to choose Herold. The defender has the highest potential ceiling remaining in this draft class.
19   Collen Warner Comments: San Jose needs help in central midfield and Collen Warner would be a useful piece of the puzzle for Frank Yallop.
20   Brian Perk Comments: The Wizards need to start thinking about having an heir to Kevin Hartman and they could do much worse than Brian Perk.
21   Andrew Wiedeman Comments: Wiedeman being a Generation Adidas player means nothing to Dallas, but being the best remaining striker, Dallas could take him to come off the bench.
22   Sean Johnson Comments: After a tough combine, Sean Johnson drops to the second round. Teams already knew he was a work in progress, and Colorado would only want him to backup at first. Rapids officials were seen talking to Johnson at the combine.
23   Justin Morrow Comments: After an excellent combine, Colorado may see Morrow as an immediate replacement for Jordan Harvey.
24   Austin da Luz Comments: Toronto needs help on the wings in a bad way and da Luz is a far better player than this draft position indicates. He drops because he isn’t very versatile and other teams have solid players on the left wing.
25   Jovan Bubonja Comments: With the loss of Brad Knightley in the expansion draft, Bubonja would be an idea backup for the Revolution who could one day start for the club.
26   Nick Cardenas Comments: Chivas need help at centre back and San Diego product Nick Cardenas should be able to take minutes right out of the gate.
27   Kyle Nakazawa Comments: Seattle like to play the ball on the ground and Nakazawa fits with their style. His stock may have dropped, but Seattle could the place he could blossom.
28   Seth Sinovic Comments: Seth Sinovic is a left back with a well rounded skill set. He may be MLS ready and capable of being a useful member of the Earthquakes squad.
29   Chris Schuler Comments: With Watson-Siriboe already being taken it may be a bit of a reach to take Schuler but at this time, with a crowded midfield and no obvious striker options remaining, Schuler seems the best pick.
30   Irving Garcia Comments: Garcia is an attacking threat with a big heart. San Jose needs help in the midfield and at the 30th pick, you have to start picking the best players available.
31   Two-Boys Gumede Comments: One of the best, and few, wingers in this draft. Two-Boys could be a supersub for Red Bull.
32   Bright Dike Comments: With the loss of Movsisyan, Salt Lake could use a striker, and by taking Dike they would add two things they lack up front; size and strength.

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